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An essential shopping guide for buying precious jewelry

Are you invited to the wedding of your close relative? We assume that you must have thought of gifting something precious. How about trying out some dainty platinum cufflinks for the bride groom and precious gold earnings for the bride? The newly married couple will be overwhelmed when you hand them over the precious jewelries.

Here is a simple precious jewelry shopping guide for you. Check out!

Know why you are paying more

When you visit a jewelry store and select a pair of earnings, they will produce a bill for that after your final consent. But never forget to ask the jeweler why the prices went up. Remember that precious jewelries essentially have real gems etched onto them or are made out of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. So, even if you have willingly shopped precious jewelry you need to know why it is expensive.

Ask for certification

When you buy precious jewelry, the jewelry store is supposed to provide evidences of its authenticity. For instance, when you buy gold Comete rings the jeweler will stamp the jewelry with its Hallmark sign. Likewise, a real diamond studded necklace will have the necessary government certification which substantiates that you made the right purchase.

Always accept printed bills

You may come across a jewelry store which tries to convince you that a handwritten bill generated against your purchase will save some bucks. Never rely on them as they are cheats who do not wish to keep proof of their malpractice!

Buy from a reliable store

Whether you make your regular purchases from online store or physical stores, reliability of the store will count a lot when you buy precious jewelry. In case of online stores, look for the necessary licenses which certify that the goods sold though the store are of high quality. In case of physical stores, keep your eyes open to analyze every piece of Cufflinks jewelry before closing the deal with a sumptuous amount of money. Never let the jewel cheat you by selling substandard products at a dear price.

Bank on referrals

Even if the fascia of an online store makes you believe it is authentic, you might get fooled at the end of the transaction! Similarly, the jeweler in physical stores might fool you by offering a gold jewelry filled with impurities in exchange of a hefty billing amount! Unfortunately, you cannot catch them red-handed as it needs expert insight. Therefore, it is always safer to bank on references of people who have already made purchases through the online and physical stores and are satisfied with their service. The chances of getting cheated are rare when you rely on referrals.

Choosing Quality Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany & Co is a very well known designer firm which produces many different types of products. They are well known for producing fancy pieces of jewelry which are made to a very high standard. Many pieces of tiffany jewelry include beautiful diamonds. They produce very attractive designs which are popular to a great number of people.

Master of Diamonds

Charles Lewis Tiffany is a master with diamonds! He was even called the King of Diamonds. The king of diamonds opened the first store with John B Young in 1837. The store was originally called Tiffany & Young, but later changed the name to Tiffany & co when Charles Tiffany brought his partner out.

Silver Jewelry and Early Goods

There are many beautiful pieces of silver jewelry which are made by tiffany & co. Their early vintage pieces are still very popular among lovers of the classic designs. You can find many different antique pieces of jewelry from tiffany, even the ones that come in the classic light blue boxes are still available. The light blue colored packaging is still used with modern tiffany & co jewelry. You can find inexpensive Tiffany promise rings and even have the salesperson explain the traditional meaning of such rings.

Early designs of Tiffany & Co include many things such as silver jewelry, silver cups, and presentation saucers. During the 1800’s there were a lot of popular souvenir spoons which were made by many other manufacturers including Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Jewelry and Lampshades

Tiffany created an art range of jewelry in 1902 and this displayed enamel jewelry made by Louis tiffany which was Charles tiffany’s son. Lois Tiffany was also responsible for creating the famous stained glass lampshades and windows which were made in his studios. In 1940 Tiffany moved to Fifth Avenue and 57th street in Manhattan which is where it still remains today.

Tiffany & Co is well known as a producer of beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry. If you look through the catalog then you will find a huge selection of different types of jewelry including diamonds, watches, and gifts.

Tiffany & Co has continued to grow ever since it’s conception and is well established as a producer of high quality luxury products. Tiffany & co still produce wonderful pieces of jewelry which is exactly what you expect from such a reputable brand. There are many different design options available when looking at choosing tiffany jewelry, from classical designs, to elegant designs and even whimsical items. You will be sure you’re able to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Tiffany jewelry is also resizable which means it will fit almost anyone!

Best Wood Beads Makes You Fancy Jewelry

Many species of wood have been used for beads because the grain of the wood is beautiful or because the wood is aromatic. These include olive, sandalwood, bamboo, ebony, ironwood, palm, apple, pear, and rose, etc.

The wide variety of wood workers and woods makes for an astonishing variety of forms, sizes, and types of wood beads, which are good components for craft projects like jewelry making. They can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, anklets and other types of jewelry pieces.

Working with plain, bare wood beads has its artistic limitations. However, the beauty of these beads is that they are even more customizable than a standard jewelry. Making your own wood beads is not difficult and can be very rewarding, for this can save you a lot of money as opposed to paying for commercially manufactured beads.

Making wood beads yourself is not difficult. However, the process is involved and tedious. Painting the wood beads also make them colorful and suitable for all sorts of decorating projects, meanwhile, gives some protection from scuffing or scratching. Whether using small or large beads, painting will make them bright and suitable for any holiday or special project.

As mentioned before, the plain wood beads limit your wardrobe and decorating choices. Thus, select the proper wood beads for jewelry making turns to be vitally important, for there are tons of different wood beads for tons of different types of designs. Whatever, find a good supplier on wood beads will make you half done on the way of jewelry making.

A suitable wood beads suppliers inventory should be impressive, which carry the latest wood beads accessories to choose from, and always have new patterns to offer as well, because the variety of choice is a guarantee that you will always have the newest, freshest styles.

On the other hand, once you have decided what type of beads are needed the next step is to examine the quality of the beads you are considering for purchase. Check for flaws, shine, color, and cut. Was the hole drilled in the bead properly? Are there cracks? Does the price match the bead?

The last but not the least, try to ask out the supplier for making sure that the price you are getting for beads is not higher than others. Now, it would be much easier for you to make a selection of different styles of wood beads.

What Are The Jewelry Options For Men

For many decades, most jewelry beyond a pocket watch or wedding ring were reserved for women. You would never see a man other than a pirate, wearing an earring or having any portion of his body pierced with an ornament. These days, men wear a wide range of jewelry, and many are influenced by hip-hop culture to get jewel-encrusted rings, necklaces and teeth covers.

What are the best jewelry gifts for men and how much jewelry is considered ideal?


Most men do not wear bracelets. That type of jewelry has not quite caught the fancy of men. With the exception of medical alert bracelets, there will not be many men out there sporting a bracelet on either their wrist or their ankle. Sometimes, a man can get away with a bracelet if it has the name of his wife or children on it.


It has become acceptable in our society for a man to wear earrings, sometimes on both ears. Often, men will go beyond the ear and pierce their nose, lip, eyebrow, nipple and a host of other places. Earrings have become so common on men that few people even look twice at it. Make sure your husband or boyfriend will wear an earring before you buy one for them.


For men, an expensive watch is a form of jewelry. Do not be afraid to buy him a gold or silver watch. It is one of the few forms of male jewelry that has changed little over time. If you want to go classic, get a pocket watch with a decorative chain that he can hang from his jacket.


A necklace was never seen on a man in the past, but, following World War II, necklaces became more and more fashionable. A small gold necklace with an important symbol hanging from it can be an excellent gift. But, don’t go all out and buy him a jewel-encrusted necklace with some strange word hanging from it like J-Rock.

Cuff Links

This is an old staple for the male jewelry catalogue. Any classy and well-dressed male will have expensive cuff links to put on their expensive coats. Don’t go for a too flashy one, but a small silver or gold cuff link can be a wonderful gift to class up any outfit.

There are other items you can buy for your husband or boyfriend if they want jewelry, including designer sunglasses, rings and other things. The things described above are some good examples of what to have and what to avoid.

Gold Plated Jewelry – A Cheaper Substitute Of Real Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry definitely can be termed as one of the most desired and sought after one. It has been associated with a powerful social status since the advent of civilization, one of the most expensive metals till today. The captivating attraction of this metal is quite enough to make it a preferred choice of many a million people around the whole world. But still there are some who are a victim of gold adherence but can not afford it. The solution for such devout followers is gold plated jewelry. It has the gold look as it is being layered with gold but is available at a lower price rather quite cheap as compared to the other gold jewelry. This kind of jewelry is only for very occasional use.

Gold plated jewelry is basically a metal base with a coating of gold on its surface. Thin or thick layers of gold are being deposited on the exterior of another metal. This process is executed either through chemical or electro chemical method. Silver and copper are the two widely used metals for this purpose. 10k is the minimum gold weightage required for this purpose Silver and copper, both are able to get transfused into the gold layer so a thick layer of nickel is also applied to keep the breech between the two. But that is not a permanent solution. After span of certain time period, discoloring starts to show off.

Gold plated jewelry is not for a daily based usage. It gets tarnished and fades away quicker and gives in to scaling if not used occasionally. It does not have the capacity to go through the rough wear and tear despite of a much thickened layer of gold. There are some people who are allergic to the nickel so now many jewelers are opting for nickel free gold plating though the guarantee regarding the discoloring is not given at all. It can be the matter of the months and it can take years also. It depends on the quality and thickness of the layering.

All the jewelry items can be gold plated through this procedure so there is an extensive variety and range available of these products. Bangles, earrings, rings, bracelets even wedding sets are gold plated. But you need to be very careful while selecting these items. There are many such products that are not gold plated rather they are being termed as gold washed. A very thin layer (that is 10k gold most of the times) is applied just to give a glistening look like gold. Such jewelry items wear off very quickly. Some jewelers mention it and they are very cheap to buy but there are those jewelers and shops also that sell these items as gold plated and charge more than the worth of the jewelry pieces.

Gold plated jewelry no doubt looks very eye catchy and serves as a cheaper substitute for the real gold jewelry. It is absolutely for the occasional use and requires a lot of care in order to keep its sheen sustained for a longer period of time.

Caring For Your Hand Stamped Jewelry

After purchasing your new hand stamped jewelry in silver or gold, you will want to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you purchase it. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Silver oxidizes naturally when exposed to the air, therefore keep your silver hand stamped jewelry in an air-tight container when not in use. You can purchase mini oxidization retardation paper that you place in your jewelry box; it will help neutralize any oxidization that would occur. Be sure to keep a fresh piece of paper in your jewelry box, and change when you notice oxidization occurring. Gold-filled can be treated just like gold; it does not oxidize, or oxidizes very minimally.

When getting dressed, put on your hand stamped jewelry after you are done with hair and make-up. The chemicals and ingredients in most hair, make-up, perfumes and colognes can build up on your silver and gold jewelry and cause it to look dull and dirty. So be sure your jewelry is the last item you put on before you head out the door.

After taking off your hand stamped jewelry, be sure to wipe with a cotton cloth to remove body oils, residues and sweat. These can build up over time and cause the finish to become dull and lackluster.

Be careful not to scratch, ding or dent your hand stamped jewelry. Silver and gold are fairly soft materials and mar easily. Use caution when performing physically exhaustive activities such as heavy housework, working in the garage, participating in sports or any activity with sudden movements.

It is also best to keep your hand stamped jewelry out of water, sunlight and extreme weather elements. Both hard and soft tap water contain chemicals and minerals that can build up on jewelry over time. After exposing your jewelry to water, be sure to clean and polish with a pre-treated polishing cloth to remove any residue.

Every few weeks or so, clean all your hand stamped jewelry with a pre-treated polishing cloth, or a mild silver polish. This will keep tarnish at bay and retain the wonderful luster and shine as the day you bought it!

Buy Gold Houston – Where to start

Since long people have continued to consider gold as a secure and profitable investment. For quite some time now the prices of the metal have continued to show an upward trend. This has encouraged many people to buy gold Houston in anticipation of further increase in prices. We seem to be having another gold rush.In case you are also considering investment in gold, you’ll need to look for sources of buying gold. Gold is available in many forms. You may buy gold coins, jewelry and bars or shares of gold mining or refining companies.

When looking for sources of buying this precious metal, you can consider online retailers. Since the net is known to contain scams, it is imperative to do some research to establish the credentials of online dealers. The first right move for that would be to visit website of World Gold Council, displaying useful news and statistics of investing in gold and reliable information about genuine dealers of gold. It is recommended to check with Better Business Bureau, the reputation of a gold dealer you intend buying from.

Buying gold from a reputable online dealer is quick and convenient. You’ll find a number of online dealers dealing in precious metals. Usually, all such dealers sell at ongoing market price of gold. If you stumble across a dealer selling at prices far lower than the prevailing price, you can certainly take it for granted that it’s a sham dealer. Therefore, at the outset you should find out the ongoing price of gold and minimize the chances of being taken for a ride by any dealer.

When you are not in favor of purchasing gold online, there is a large number of stores that exclusively sell and buy gold Houston. However, in their case too, you need to ensure that you are dealing with a genuine dealer and and you don’t risk anything. Once again , you would do well to do your research and ensure dealing with a reputable dealer. There are quite a few websites listing the names of reputable dealers in various local areas. Here again, your most reliable way of getting the names of gold dealers in your area will be the website of Better Business Bureau, containing the list of dealers as per zip codes.

If you prefer buying and retaining gold in physical form, make sure that you have secure place for its storage. You have the option of buying and keeping a safe for storing your possession. Alternatively, you can rent a locker in a gold vault or bank. This option will surely add to your expense. Many people prefer keeping gold at home in safes to avoid incurring extra expense. It largely deepens on the quantity of gold you own. Only small quantities of gold may be stored at home as there is always the fear of theft.

Discovering The Ideal Wedding Ring Jewelry Merchant

In terms of buying the best engagement ring, we know that this is as important as the marriage proposal, as well as that it is in addition as important as the wedding ceremony reception as well. Simply because this diamond engagement ring shall be something that reminds anyone of some thing wonderful, a precious instant in your life, the diamond engagement ring is required to be next to nothing except fantastic.

It’s not difficult to get a ring for engagement that you choose. You will discover magnificent engagement rings on the web or perhaps by going to a local jewelry shop close to you, although this is the simple fact – when it comes to purchasing engagement rings, it is not What you may find out about engagement rings, gemstones as well as the level of quality of rare metal that means something, it really is Exactly who the engagement ring vendor is and his good reputation through the engagement ring

Regardless of how flourishing the engagement ring dealer is, a deceitful wedding ring owner will attempt his or her very best to scam you about the quality and value of any engagement rings he / she sells. This is to be sure maximum profit. Even the most seasoned as well as established engagement ring retailer will be shady and may make an attempt to try this.

Even so, there is a good number honest diamond engagement ring vendors who is going to supply you with a great bargain even if you have no knowledge with regards to engagement rings. Their particular emphasis is not really to fool you. Although the most significant quality that an straightforward diamond engagement rings company provides is the fact that he or she is attempting to offer you value for money as well as build confidence including a long-term business relationship together with you. They desire you to take the diamond engagement ring home, show it off to your friends and relatives, after which provide great testimonials pertaining to the spot where you obtained the engagement ring as well as precisely what a great price you got for that engagement ring. It is to their benefit for you to purchase one engagement ring, and come back for the wedding ring. It really is to their own advantage that you simply count on and possess confidence within them that you recommend the diamond engagement ring retailer to your friends, relative, aunts and uncles in order that they may purchase their own engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond jewelry from them.

All jewelry wholesalers along with engagement ring sellers have the same pool of precious stone and gold sources throughout the nation. The difference is in the company and how much profit they wish to make through you for that sale made with the diamond engagement ring.

Finally, don’t forget to check around and search a little more before you buy any diamond engagement ring. The vast majority of jewelry merchants stock identical as well as similar (if not far better) design of engagement wedding rings and you can find different discounts for them in another place.

Costume Jewelry – A Popular Piece Throughout History

There’s virtually no difference among antique jewelry and costume jewelry. Costume Jewelry dates back to the 1930s. From the concept of antique that is going to also make the item antique. Even so, the majority jewelry professionals have come to agree with the fact that antique jewelry pre-dates the 1930s.

Costume Jewelry came into being in the 1930s being a inexpensive disposable jewelry intended to be put on together with a special wardrobe, but is not meant to be passed down with generations. It was designed to be in vogue for a brief period of time, fall out of fashion, and after that be repurchased to fit a whole new wardrobe purchase, as well as with a new fashion style. It grew to become available in vast amounts throughout the thirties.

Cheap jewelry of course existed before the 1930s. Paste or glass jewelry as far back as the 18th century. The rich had their fine jewelry copied for various factors, utilizing paste or glass stones. Through the mid 1800s with the growth on the middle class there was at this point various qualities of jewelry being manufactured implementing fine, semi-precious and base elements. Fine jewelry of gold, diamonds, fine gems just like emeralds and sapphires went on being manufactured. Bracelets produced from rolled gold, which is known as a thin coating of gold mounted to a base metal, moved into the market for the middle class. This kind of jewelry had been typically set with semi-precious jewels for instance amethyst, coral or perhaps pearls, and therefore had been even more cost-effective. Next there was jewelry in which virtually anyone could have the funds for, consisting of glass stones and base metals designed to appear to be gold. All 3 forms were meant to become transferred to upcoming generations.

Generally there are indications that will help somebody determine what period a piece of jewelry is from; theme, materials, the type of item. By way of example dress clips came in within the 1930s and then ended up out of style by the 50s. Jewelry demonstrates types, creations, hues as well as gemstones from the years. For example from 1910 to 1930 silver had been the popular coloration pertaining to metal, therefore jewelry seen in platinum, white gold, silver or a base metal was tinted to appear like silver. By WWII, gold ended up being trendy once again but in little supply, as it had been essential to the world war effort. What gold had been accessible ended up being made into very lean sheets and, sometimes glued onto silver (called vermeil) before being becoming jewelry. Through the 1930s rhinestones reputation was ever increasing within European countries. It has not been designed for the Us citizens before 40s. Therefore, most of the items out of this period of time often include plenty of metal along with a single stone or possibly a little bunch of very small rhinestones.

Today is probably not much different from earlier periods. We all continue to have fine jewelry, semi-precious jewelry, of course costume jewelry accessible to us. Costume jewelry can bring the final touch and present your fashion sense. Costume Jewelry fashion of earlier years are actually becoming very fashionable and several are increasingly being produced. Even with costume jewelry there exists a distinction in level of quality. New pieces would not have the vibrance within the gemstones or perhaps the weight with the mature items.

Vintage and antique costume jewelry are both enjoyable to collect and pleasurable to dress in. No more is costume jewelry only collectable, It really is in style, and trendy, and a fantastic chat beginner. Dress to impress!

The Advantages Of Buying Jewelry Online

Ever get tired of looking through never-ending mall retailers, wanting to discover top quality necklaces at inexpensive prices? How about going to big jewelry sales events that just fail to deliver? If this appears familiar for you, you must enter an expanding crowd of thousands of buyers who are finding inexpensive, top quality jewelry on the web. Everything from wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond anniversary bands, watches and more can all be discovered online and purchased from the comfort of your own home.
Nowadays, internet shopping has grown to be appreciated and used by all social and age groups, as an ideal alternative to crowded, schedule restricted jewelry shops. And why shouldn’t it be so popular when it saves you valuable time, work, and funds? Imagine having to discover a specific ring or even a wedding band just a couple of days from such special occasions as Valentine’s Day, when all of the jewelry shops are invaded by hundreds and hundreds of individuals just as busy as you. Senseless hours getting wasted perusing overpriced jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates. It is time to discover a far better way.
Online jewelry stores offer you a varied array of goods, from earrings to gemstone jewelry, from rings and bands to watches and unique items (for specific occasions). Also, it is possible to find pieces of jewelry produced from white or yellow gold, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and precious gemstones – which includes rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and much more. A variety of items, for all tastes and fit for each and every occasion, lie waiting to become discovered. You can effortlessly find the most incredible pieces of jewelry, from diamond anniversary bands to golden or pearl rings and earrings. And online assortment cannot be beat. You can find literally millions of pieces of jewelry available around the web – far more than any one shop could actually stock.
Needless to say, the best function of online shops is that the prices are usually a lot lower than brick and mortar stores. Online shops do not have to invest in costly showrooms and have a a lot lower overhead. This savings is passed on to you, and you advantage by getting the same jewelry items at lowered prices. Furthermore, several online jewelry stores offer totally free shipping and cash back returns so you are able to purchase for much less, but nevertheless purchase with confidence.
Online jewelry buying is often a booming industry as more and more people are feeling comfortable with making larger buy on the internet. Purchasing jewelry on the internet just makes sense for so many reasons – the time saved, the virtually limitless selection, and inexpensive costs. It just can’t be beat.
So the next time you are planning on surprising your loved ones with a piece of jewelry you know they’ve been wanting, bear in mind to first check on online shops for the best discounts and offers. In doing so, you have assured your self a solution to a satisfactory buying experience and have saved your self the trouble of waiting in line at a large shop. As soon as you’ve experienced the simplicity and effectiveness of online transactions, specifically on luxury goods like gemstones and jewels, you may never want to go back to brick and mortar shopping again.