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Jewelry Making Ideas with Faceted Glass Beads

We all know that glass beads are one of the most popular jewelry beads, and faceted glass beads are one shape of the most popular beads. Faceted Glass Beads are available in many different colors and sizes as the same as other glass beads. And here, I would like to share two jewelry making ideas with this kind jewelry beads.

The first jewelry making idea is about a pair of earrings with faceted glass beads and Tibetan style pendants. We need 12pcs red faceted glass beads (about 6mm in diameter), 2pcs alloy Tibetan style chandelier components (about 31mm long, 21mm wide), eyepins, headpins and earring hooks. First, string a red glass bead on a headpin, and use your jewelry plier to make a loop at the top of bead. Beading 9pcs more beads like this. Second, attach 5pcs beaded faceted glass beads on rings of alloy chandelier component one by one. Third, string a glass bead on an eyepin, and use jewelry plier to make a loop at the other end. Attach the alloy chandelier component on a loop of eyepin. Fourth, use your jewelry plier to attach the other loop of eyepin on the ring of earring hook. Fifth, repeat the four steps to create the other piece of earring for a pair. Till now, a pair of beautiful Tibetan style glass beads earrings is finished.

The second jewelry making idea I want to share is a necklace. The materials you need to prepare are handmade lampwork pendant (about 45.5X20mm), 2pcs oval shaped lampwork beads, some faceted glass beads in different colors and sizes (light blue and AB purple, 4~8X4~6mm), jewelry wire, 2 strands f black nylon thread, 2pcs cord ends, lobster claw clasp. First, string purple glass beads on ball headpins (one bead on one pin), and use jewelry plier to make loop at top. Second, cut off a length of jewelry wire, and string all the faceted glass beads, lampwork beads and lampwork pendant on wire like the layout on picture. Third, use crimp beads and crimp plier to attach the two ends of wire on two strands of black nylon cords separately. Fourth, use cord ends to combine nylon cords, and attach lobster clasp and jump ring on two cord ends separately. Now, a beautiful handmade necklace is finished. The color is very suitable for both spring and summer.

The Costume Jewelry Manufacturing Process


Brass is best described as a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper which has been manufactured for thousands of years all over the world. For jewelry, at least 67% copper and 33% zinc is used. Copper melts at 1083 Celsius and zinc boils at 907 Celsius and silver melts at 960 Celsius. Formulas with varying proportions of copper and zinc are alloyed together colors to achieve different variations of brass.

The color of the alloy will also vary, depending on the amount of zinc: brass gets lighter in color with additional zinc, and can reach a pale yellow stage. With this particular mixture, it helps the brass become stronger and more durable than copper alone, although not as strong as metals like steel. Thus, the perfect mixture for fashion jewelry. Although brass was often made by accident, early intentional brass was actually made with calamine, a mineral which contains zinc. By 200 BC, China was differentiating between brass and bronze, and in 300 AD, Germany and the Netherlands became well known in Europe for their brass.

In 1746, the properties of zinc came to be more generally understood, and England patented the technique for producing brass in 1781. Now brass is used to make several commodities offered in our markets, including Costume Jewelry!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel used in fashion jewelry can be defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 10% chromium content by mass. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel (it stains less”). It is also called corrosion resistant steel when the alloy type and grade are not detailed, particularly in the aviation industry. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment to which the material will be subjected in its lifetime.

Common uses of stainless steel are in watches, cutlery, and jewelry. Stainless steel differs from carbon steel by amount of chromium present. Carbon steel rusts when exposed to air and moisture. This iron oxide film is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide. Stainless steels have sufficient amount of chromium present so that a passive film of chromium oxide forms which prevents further corrosion.

Thus it is extensively used in heavy gauge welded components such as jewelry. 316L stainless steel offers higher creep, stress to rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. Therefore, ensures that all our stainless steel jewelry will never warp even if you run over it with a car!

.925 Sterling Silver

.925 sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 when used for jewelry. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft and malleable for jewelry; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength, while at the same time preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal.

Other metals can replace the copper, usually with the intent to improve various properties of the basic sterling alloy such as reducing casting porosity, eliminating fire-scale, and increasing resistance to tarnish. These replacement metals include germanium, zinc and platinum, as well as a variety of other additives, including silicon and boron.

A number of alloys have appeared in recent years, formulated to lessen fire-scale or to inhibit tarnish, and this has sparked heavy competition among the various manufacturers, who are rushing to make claims of having the best formulation.

Types Of Jewelry Mold Material

Jewelry molds are very important specially if you will be creating multiple jewelries with the same style. There are several types of mold that you can use and we will discuss it one by one.

Natural Rubber
The first type of mold material that you can use is a Natural Rubber. Natural rubber can be used if the production is really high because this material is very economical and it lasts longer than any other materials.
Natural rubber has been proven to last for almost 50 years and still remain usable. It also has the ability to resist heat and pressure.

Silicone is a material with a higher quality surface finish and easier release of wax models, it also has the ability to a room temperature vulcanized or RTV.
Some jewelers find silicone mold better than the natural rubber because silicone is more tolerant of variations in injection pressure. It also produces less flashing, since seals can be tighter.
Silicone’s putty-like texture makes it easier to pack a mold, since there’s no need to cut the rubber to size, and it is also easier to cut. In addition, different hardinesss of silicone rubber can be combined in a single mold and vulcanized together.

Mold materials that are made in metal offer more accuracy, precision and consistency in the production process. It is also the most expensive type of molding materials. If have a very high production mold out of metal is recommended.

In conclusion, whatever type of mold materials that you are going to use it will still depends on how you will apply it to your productions. You also need to make sure to keep your mold material in a fireproof vault.

Silver Jewelry Vs Gold Jewelry Pros And Cons

Silver jewelry has always been the traditional favorite of the Americans and more so because of its subtle charm and its ability to match any changing trends in fashion. This holiday the sales of silver jewelry at the Tiffanys have been 7.2% more than that in the year 2009. Silver is much appreciated and preferred over gold, majorly due to its market value. The affordability silver provides is incredibly practical for most families in the U.S. On the contrary, gold jewelry is a piece of magnificence created in a precious metal of incredible value. The gold prices are soaring high and there is a lot of controversy on the resale value of gold in the coming years.

If you see it in the fashion point of view, gold jewelry adds in the bling factor to your fashion or style statement but to carry off this piece of precious metal jewelry one needs to take extra care of the styles they match this look with. For instance, there are only a few colors that work along well with gold. Since gold gives the grandeur impression on the onlookers, the fabric colors of the dresses worn along with them must be characterized by subtle hues that contrast the glorious shine of gold jewelry. On the other hand, while most colors go well with silver jewelry, there are only a few that do not go very well like shades of yellow and brown.

Gold is the most tarnish-free, ductile and malleable metal that remains strong even in the form of thin gold wires. However, this is not the case if the gold jewelry is of a lower karat value and is mixed with higher proportions of other metals. Once bought, the charm and shine of the gold jewelry persists for years to come without undergoing much change. The same cannot be said about silver jewelry. Also, depending on the other metal alloys used to make silver jewelry, there are higher probabilities of the tarnish or an oxidized coat to transfer to your skin causing dark colored patches on skin. Gold on the other hand in some of the purest forms like 24K, 22K or 18K of the highest quality devoid the skin of any allergic or pigmentation problems.

In conclusion, the resale value of silver in the current times is much higher than gold and so is the wallet factor on them. Gold can add eons of dazzle and charm to your personality but has limited use since they do not go along with every type of fashion, on the other hand, silver jewelry not only is versatile when it comes to its appearance and how well it matches ones clothes or other accessories they look great with any additional parts embedded like colorful precious stones.

Avoid Fake Korean Jewelry Wholesale

If you are thinking about purchasing Korean jewelry wholesale, then keep in mind that there are plenty of fake Korean jewelry wholesale suppliers as well. Due to the rise in the popularity of Korean jewelry wholesale, more and more people started to sell fake Korean jewelry in order to make quick cash. Such jewelry items are low in quality, but charge very high prices. Therefore, when you are looking for Korean jewelry, make sure that you do proper research on the online store.

The reliability of an online store can be easily determined by its reviews. There are two types of reviews, one of which is available on the website in the shape of product reviews; the other is available on different online review based websites. Therefore, when you are shopping for Korean jewelry, you should consider all of these reviews in order to determine the reliability of the online store. Only by ensuring the reliability of the online store, you can purchase reliable Korean jewelry.

Buy From Reputable Suppliers

Many people want to start a jewelry business in order to make money. However, in order to make your business successful, you will need quality wholesale jewelry, so that you can offer competitive prices to your customers. Making profits from a jewelry store is not easy these days, because of the intense competition in this field. If you want to make your business successful, and if you want to make money from it, then you will have to offer the best quality Korean jewelry at lowest possible rates.

Doing so is only possible when you are buying jewelry from a reputable wholesaler. Only reputable wholesalers can offer you quality jewelry at competitive wholesale rates. For customers, quality matters, even if you are selling costume or Korean jewelry. This is because, every customer wants something worth their money and if there is no quality, then no one will buy the jewelry from your store. Therefore, it is important that you find a reputable wholesaler to buy stocks of wholesale jewelry and Korean jewelry wholesale, if you want to make your business successful.

Finding reputable wholesale suppliers is not difficult these days, thanks to the internet. You can easily search for Korean jewelry wholesale suppliers as well as supplier for normal wholesale jewelry as well. However, make sure to do a background check on them in order to find out if they are really reputable or not.

New twist on old chemical process could boost energy efficiency – Cardboard Jewelry Boxes Manufactu

Posted: Jun 7th, 2012 New twist on old chemical process could boost energy efficiency ( Nanowerk News ) Chemical reactions on the surface of metal oxides, such astitanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are important for applicationssuch as solar cells that convert the sun’s energy to electricity.Now University of Washington scientists have found that apreviously unappreciated aspect of those reactions could be key indeveloping more efficient energy systems. Such systems could include, for example, solar cells that wouldproduce more electricity from the sun’s rays, or hydrogen fuelcells efficient enough for use in automobiles, said James Mayer, aUW chemistry professor. “As we think about building a better energy future, we have todevelop more efficient ways to convert chemical energy intoelectrical energy and vice versa,” said Mayer, the correspondingauthor of a paper about the discovery in the June 8 edition of Science ( “Titanium and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Are Proton-CoupledElectron Transfer Agents” ). This image from an electron microscope shows a coated titaniumdioxide nanocrystal. (Image: Joel Schrauben/James Mayer) Chemical reactions that change the oxidation state of molecules onthe surface of metal oxides historically have been seen as atransfer solely of electrons.

The new research shows that, at leastin some reactions, the transfer process includes coupled electronsand protons. “Research and manufacturing have grown up around models in whichelectrons moved but not atoms,” Mayer said. The new paper proposesa different model for certain kinds of processes, a perspectivethat could lead to new avenues of investigation, he said. “In principle this is a path toward more efficient energyutilization.” Coupling the transfer of electrons with the transfer of protonscould help reduce the energy barriers to chemical reactionsimportant in many technologies. For example, using solar energy tomake fuels such as hydrogen requires that electrons and protons becoupled. d.

The new perspective also could be important for photocatalyticchemical processes, including those designed for wastewaterremediation or to create self-cleaning surfaces, such as theoutside of buildings in areas with heavy industrial air pollution. The research focused specifically on nanoparticles, measured inbillionths of a meter, of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Titaniumdioxide is the most common white pigment, used in paints, coatings,plastics, sunscreen and other materials. Zinc oxide also is used inpigments, coatings and sunscreens, as well as white athletic tape,and also is used in the manufacture of rubber, concrete and othermaterials.

Nanocrystals were used to closely examine chemicalprocesses at the material’s surface. Mayer said the goal of the work is to get those working in varioustechnological areas involving metal oxides to think in differentways about how those technologies work and how to make them moreefficient. The work also could prove important in finding more efficient waysto fuel vehicles of the future, he said. Fuel cells, for example,transform atmospheric oxygen into water by adding both electronsand protons. Coupling those added electrons and protons could makefuel cells more efficient and allow replacement of costly materialssuch as platinum.

“Chemical fuels are very useful, and they’re not going away,” Mayersaid. “But how do we utilize them better in a non-fossil-fuelworld?”.

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Use Glass Beads To Make Vintage Jewelry Sets

Glass beads present an artistic spectrum of beauty with value. They come in vibrant colors, shapes and sizes. Glass beads are divided as normal glass, cat eye beads, crackle glass, Czech glass beads, drawbench glass beads, frosted glass beads, glass pearl. Glass rhinestone beads, painted glass beads, electroplate glass and many other types.

You can find glass pearls in all shapes. Glass beads are expensive compared to other beads but enhance the beauty of the product. They can also be added with embroidery pattern or used with sequins as well. A transparent glass bead has the tendency to reflect the base color and can be beautifully used with any color.

Glass beads are normally used in jewelry making. While, how to create unique glass beads jewelry sets by using glass beads? Maybe you can have a try to use vintage glass beads to make vintage glass jewelry sets.

Vintage glass beads from broken jewelry can be reused to make vintage glass jewelry sets. When using vintage glass beads to make jewelry, the past comes alive again. Beautiful old necklaces, earrings and bracelets that break can be salvaged, even though the original piece can no longer be worn.

When select beads to use for vintage glass beads vintage jewelry sets, the only rule is to choose what will look good. If you would like to have a large selection about vintage glass beads, you can purchase them from online shops as we all know that there are tens of thousands online shops all over the world. And one of the largest beads wholesale online shops can offer you the unique beads. Some vintage glass beads have a finish or design that is no longer produced. These beads are special and provide a unique look to vintage jewelry sets.

Vintage glass beads remade into beautiful new glass jewelry sets can be given as gifts or worn by the one who makes them. When family receive jewelry set that contain vintage beads from a loved ones necklace or other piece of vintage jewelry, the gift is special and suitable for handing down to the next generation.

The supplies needed to make a vintage glass jewelry set including an assortment or vintage beads, new or vintage spacers, earring hooks, necklace and bracelet wire, headpins, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and flush cutter. If all is ready, just start to enjoy making vintage glass beads jewelry sets now.

Know How To Match Your Pearl Jewelry To Clothing And Skin Tone!

Knowing how to appropriately match pearl jewelry to your wardrobe and skin tone may not be easy because the process may possibly be frustrating. No man is an island, thus, as much as possible we just love to socialize. But along with that comes the everyday dilemma of keeping ourselves presentable to our acquaintances. Take a minute to read these professional tips to guide you how to match your pearl jewelry to your outfit and skin color.

Matching Pearl to Outfit

For matching pearl jewelry to clothing, identify the following factors
Your Lifestyle
The type of clothing you have and the colors you prefer
The type of pearl jewelry that will suit your attire
The outfit you frequently put on

High quality perfectly round pearls are most suitable for women of authority and power. Your extremely crisp business suits and formal attires should only be adorned by the most extravagant pearls in the market today. Wrap up that whole elegant package with a classic pearl round pin or a brooch with a combination of pearl and gold.

The best pearl jewelry to match evening gowns is the classic perfectly round one. But dont just grab one yet. You still have to consider which color and pearl size is the most ideal.

Suppose you just got invited to an elite cocktail party or a first-class fashion show, dont panic. Accentuate your outfit with a long length pearl necklace embellished with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. The combination will be undeniably stunning.

For your everyday casual attire a single-strand pearl necklace is the right pick. To achieve the perfect pearl jewelry-clothing match, choose one with moderate length and medium-sized pearls.

Unleash your inborn creativity and experiment with different necklaces. Try wearing two or more together. Just remember the golden rule for peal matching. Light pearls should go with dark dresses and light dresses should go with dark pearls. For example, wear colors like purple, champagne and blue for a light colored dress.

Matching Pearl to Skin Tone

When obtaining pearl jewelry it is vital that you decide according to the skin color of the person who will be wearing it.

Matching pearl jewelry to light colored skin tone is actually effortless. If you have a light skin tone, you can choose from an extensive assortment of pearl colors. You can go for white, to pink, to green or purple pearls. However, if you dont want to look like youre wearing grandmas jewelry, never sport black pearls. If you want to look your best, simply put on a classic creamy-pinkish white pearl necklace. This pearl necklace is renowned for its striking effect on fair skin.

White pearls with silver or bright blue overtones and a dark skin tone is the fantastic match. Pearls with shade of gold and silver will enhance the lovely glow of your skin. Find a pearl necklace with medium pearls decorated with small-sized diamonds. Wear one and be the hottest thing inside the room.

Dark-colored or gray pearls are universal. They look charming for all skin tones.

Real pearls will always be in for all seasons. Even if you reach old age, you can still become one gorgeous grandma by just wearing one. Test out the new tips now or you may choose to accessorize like a Hollywood stars fashion consultant by reading more of our guide.