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Five Shoes that Make a Woman Sexy and Timeless

If you’re want to look sexy for an important night, don’t forget about shoes. Definitely, that classic wine red dress will make your cheeks sparkle. The volumized tousled hair will add sophistication. But keep in mind that shoes complete your look. It’s comfortable wearing a pair of loafers, but they can throw the whole aesthetic off balance anytime.

Looking for the best pair to give your getup the best top off? These are five of your sexiest options:


When it comes to sexy shoes, stilettos are right up there on any woman’s list. Though their needle-like heels sometimes make them difficult to walk in, they also make you, the wearer, feel all powerful as a woman. Now the first stilettos ever go all the way back to the 1950’s, but you won’t believe how far they’ve come today – in every lady’s closet!


You’d instantly know espadrilles by the two long laces they have at the opening. But instead of tying them in a knot as you do with sneakers, you wrap them to the back just above your before tying them. This footwear is sexy just because it attracts the eye up the leg. Best thing here is, they work both for daytime and nighttime.


Although platforms were a smash hit because of the Spice Girls mainly, they’re not about to leave their spot as one of the sexiest lady footwear. Indeed, a stacked heel can give you the same sexy flair as any gorgeous pair of stilettos. Except for a single difference: balance comes easier when you’re walking in them. Stilettos force your feet into a sharp arch, so sometimes, they hurt. Platforms also add to your height but it is unlikely to cause discomfort or pain.

Sneakers with Heels

Heeled sneakers also make you taller just like stilettos and platforms do, but they offer something unique: added leg muscle definition. On top of that, they give you increased mobility and more stable foot support. – this type of shoe couldn’t be more fitting.


Lastly, a sandal with high heels lets you bare some extra amount of skin. And that is sexy by itself (with good pedicure, of course). There’s something about a sandal heel and red nail polish on your toes.

Definitely, any of these shoes is enough to make your date ask for moreof you. But take note that even shoes are only secondary to your self-confidence, which is what ultimately makes you sexy.