Finnish metal music inspires jewellery shopping

Music is an inspirational medium. Put your headphones on, play your favorite song, and you’ll instantly be transported to a place of solace in your mind.

Metal music might seem like noise to the untrained ear. However, it is a sophisticated and complex music style. Why do the Finnish laud such praise on metal music and why is it so popular with so many Finnish people – of differing ages? In a nutshell, metal music songs openly talk about a diverse range of emotions, situations, and ideas. Finns are often regarded as stoic, tough, and non-talkative – while that is actually not true, as with most people Finns don’t like to show their personal feelings all the time. This attraction to metal music allows them to process their feelings and thoughts through this music.

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Did you know that Finnish metal bands are huge hits internationally, even in your country? Nightwish, HIM, Insomnium, Children of Boden, and Amorphis are but a few of the best and biggest Finnish metal bands that have made a success in sales of their albums internationally.

At the core of Finnish metal music are complicated song structures. The songwriting and complexity of the music require expert musicianship. Most of the themes in Finnish metal music take on almost theatrical scapes in their range of emotions and storytelling.

In fact, Finland leads the world in the number of metal bands per country. It is stirring music with evocative lyrics and musical approaches.

For slightly more sedate metal music listeners, folk metal bands have made their mark in Europe. These bands’ music is more instrumental, combining even traditional folk music instruments into their sets and albums.

Leading Finnish folk metal bands are Amorphis, Battlelore, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Turisas, Viikate, and Wintersun.

When looking at jewellery, especially Finnish and Finnish folk jewellery, you’ll come to realize that the intricacies of the jewellery are complemented by the complexities of Finnish metal music.

If you think of the Vikings, the Conquering Nords, and the Nordic Gods, you’ll feel that the thundering and emotion of those thoughts are also found in the folk jewellery. Inspired by music, tradition, and history, you’ll feel your creativity is spurred by these emotions. Necklaces, bangles, bracelets, hair accessories, lockets – and the types of materials used to make them – are influenced by other creative inputs such as music.

Shops in malls always have music blaring through their audio system. Have you noticed how the type of music affects your shopping habits? High tempo music in a shop will most likely urge you on to shop quicker, think less analytically about your purchases so that you spend more money in their store. A clothing shop will likely play modern hits, probably songs you love to listen to on repeat so that you’ll be slightly distracted by their music and feeling a rush of endorphins through your body to purchase the things you like and hold in your hands.

At the same time, you might be in a restaurant that’s relaxed and quiet: the music will be low-tempo and subtle. Something like jazz or classical music.

When you’re shopping for jewellery, the music is likely to be creative, off-beat, and inspire you to act creatively too: that is, to spend money in their shops on their creative products.