Motivational Videos, Audio and Reading Material as Part of the Quest for Individual Success

Motivational videos and audio features are used by large numbers of people for inspiration and learning. Someone who admires certain successful technology entrepreneurs may like to learn which individuals have been inspiring for those business owners. When searching for new info about Brian David Crane, for example, someone may find the YouTube channel and discover a myriad of motivational videos from professionals in a variety of fields. Some are household names, while others may not be entirely familiar to most people.

It’s very common for the most successful people in various fields to talk of the inspiration they’ve gained from this type of material. They recommend listening to motivational audio programs while commuting to work and while doing housework and yard work. They encourage reading at least a few paragraphs of this material first thing in the morning and again right before bed.

Nearly everyone has heard of Bill Gates and knows of him as the mega-successful and hugely wealthy co-founder of Microsoft. People can learn a great deal from listening to Gates speak about business, philosophy and goals for changing the world in positive ways. Another computer industry success story, Steve Jobs, is featured in video on Brian David Crane’s YouTube channel. Crane apparently appreciated the 2005 commencement address Jobs gave at Stanford University. Many people are familiar with Ashton Kutcher as an actor in two long-running TV situation comedies: That ’70s Show and Two and a Half Men. Kutcher has given a speech at the Teen Choice Awards in which he emphasized the importance of hard work for success.

These are just a few of the inspirational individuals featured on this particular YouTube channel. Others include entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, and life coach Anthony Robbins. As people explore the messages from different speakers through the videos, they’ll find that they especially resonate with some of the ideas presented. They’ll be more drawn to the style of certain speakers. That will send them forth on a journey of discovery, as they start to devour reading material and more videos and audio presentations from those successful individuals.