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How to wear a flannel shirt this winter

When we think of flannel, we may think it’s ideal for enabling us to stay warm in winter. Flannel is a soft woven fabric and nowadays is made from either cotton, wool or synthetic fibre. There’s no denying that these shirts are effortlessly cool and fashionable, and the fabric is soft and comfortable.

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Flannel shirts came to prominence during the grunge era when rock bands led the way, donning the item as a fashion statement. Mostly designed with check prints, flannel shirts can also be found in mono. The bolder check styles, whether they are red and black, or yellow, black and red, lend themselves to more casual events. Wear your shirt to the movies or to a concert, teamed with black jeans and smart trainers. As the check design can sometimes be eye-catching, it’s best to choose a plain denim or leather jacket to go with it.<;">Red flannel shirts will rock the concerts

A red flannel shirt tends to be the most popular colour and it particularly goes well with black jeans and boots, and maybe a beanie hat for the winter. A t-shirt, either plain or graphic, can be worn underneath and this completes the winning concert look.

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A plain check lends itself to more formal occasions, such as meals out. They can be worn with chinos and loafers, and even a smart jacket. Choosing the colour, of course, will all depend upon what’s in your wardrobe. Be mindful of your current items when shopping. It does no harm to buy several and rotate them. They come in black and yellow, black and green, and red and black. The combinations are endless.

Shirts are versatile and trendy and suited to all occasions

Farah shirts are also popular among men and one advantage is that they are extremely versatile and appropriate for various occasions. Farah shirts can be obtained from a range of quality outlets including https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.

Shirts are not just for men. According to the Daily Mail, supermodel Naomi Campbell recently wore a blue check shirt for an outing.

A grey flannel shirt is one that can be used for more formal occasions, as can a smart black and white one. A simpler less bold check should be chosen. A brown shirt will also add a welcome warm touch to your autumn and winter wardrobe.