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3 Tips To Achieve A French Teenage Look

Style and aesthetics are entrenched in French society. Style is an extended version of themselves for French girls.

Even if French fashion appears to be seamless, French women put much thought into their outfits.

And I believe that the major goal of all French girls is to find their own aesthetic, to know whatever they like and dislike, and to adhere to it.

The French girl aesthetic is not hard to achieve and is not completely out of reach.

It’s casual, contemporary, nonchalant, clean, but not pompous.

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With this, let us take a deep dive into the characteristics and tips on how to dress like a French girl.

1. Comfort and Style.

One important tip for dressing like a true Parisian girl is to buy quality clothing.

Make certain that it is comfy. Choose a high-quality outfit that makes you feel self-assured.

Put an end to trends and begin making your style. Look for garments and trousers that suit your figure.

Avoid torn and distressed clothing because they appear cheap. Invest in classics that are influenced by normcore.

Another critical aspect is the styling. The way you put your clothing items together has an impact on your overall image.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your outfits, and it is always exciting to demonstrate a distinctive detail coloured in a vibrant hue and accessorised with neutral clothing.

When it comes to balanced outfits, you should recommend trying them on. Consider the colours black, greyish, tan, navy, and so on.

2. Teenage trends.

Based on the weather, French teenagers dress in sport’s shoes, hoodies, and low-rise or slim-fit jeans.

Typically, this is done with a fashionable T-shirt as well as a nice shirt nonchalantly opened on top of the T-shirt.

They appear to have snagged the very first thing that came to hand, but they genuinely put more thought into it — both boys and girls.

Since French girls stroll all over and use stairways, bikes, and public transit regularly, they seek fashionable, dynamic, and comfy shoes.

T-shirts from hard extreme metal bands aren’t usually considered “interesting” in Paris.

French adolescent girls, on the whole, don’t dress very sexily.

For younger girls, no ultra-short shorts or stiletto heels. By Parisian norms, it would be considered inappropriate. Trimmed tops, on the other hand, are trendy.

Makeup is typically minimal for fairly young French girls, and ladies in France begin wearing natural makeup.

For younger ladies, makeup is not common, and some don’t even put it on till 12.

3. Individualistic style.

French-style is much more about mindset than clothing. The statement you convey via your aesthetic is critical.

To exude finesse and sophistication, the foundation of your styling should stay consistent.

Once you are real to yourself, you appear flawless, as if you did not offer it much consideration.

It produces an authentic experience that is similar to the general French girl aesthetic.

When you take a look inside the wardrobes of French girls, you’ll notice that the aesthetic principles they live by are quite simple.

Spend on just a few quintessential items, knowing that the value will be dispersed out over time.

Above all, work on developing your distinct style, because people who dress well are all about feeling confident in what you’re wearing.


The key to French girl style is striking the proper blend with both having to look overdressed and laid-back.

As previously stated, French fashion requires you to appear natural and easy in a rudimentary colour palette and simple designs.

A typical French girl’s wardrobe uses a set, classic clothing with exquisite cuts.

With most French women, contemporary shapes, plain colours, and muted colours are indeed the direction to go.

It is also worth noting that the majority of the items would then mix and match.

It is not being infatuated with choosing to wear bright colours, ostentatious items, and ridiculously priced pieces.

Rather, the French girl aesthetic is mostly about selecting great materials, elevated, ageless, and dynamic pieces that complement one another.

And this style can be found in how garments are blended as well as the small details that make a real difference.