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Marketing Through E-commerce Welcome to the era of e-commerce. In the United States, E-commerce is an industry that has grown to worth $200 billion plus. E-commerce is expected to grow up to 15% per year as consumers realize that buying in malls is not anymore the only way you can purchase goods. There is now a competition between e-commerce and the traditional commerce, with e-commerce edging ahead. Traditional businesses are aware with the rise of online shopping. Traditional businesses have to engaged in this new system too in order to keep up with their market. An indication of the positive effects of online marketing is the 40% growth of a retail store implementing online selling, in comparison to the 5.3% increase only in sales by another traditional store. Overhauling their systems in all of its stores, this retail chain company had to implement the e-commerce fast to be able to ship goods purchased by their online shoppers. Another big traditional company, went up further in its online marketing by giving perks such as free shipment and free returns for its online customers. Because of this strategy, this giant store showed an increase of 35% on sales in less than a year. The company, after seeing the results, plans in the next five years to increase creativity of its online marketing by investing $1 billion for the system. So as to become current, other companies have realized the trend of e-commerce. What consumer does not know is that the items they purchased in the store are marked up at least three times. Costs of mark up come from the factory to the wholesaler, then to the retailer, and on to the cashier and customer point. By doing online selling, companies can cut at least one mark up in the shorter process.
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There are several positive points in e-commerce that are advantageous over traditional commerce. Geographic limitations do not hinder services. With the use of the internet, sellers can easily contact clients through the internet and by being visible through search engine. There is a lower cost because of less staff in the system. Traditional commerce need physical store space with rental cost, while e-commerce has none in this aspect. Buying online makes finding of products quicker and easier for consumers, plus they do not need to travel to stores. Comparing products online makes shopping convenient. You can target your market through online with the many information you can advertise. Your online store is open 24/7 whole year round and so purchasing time is not limited. You have the opportunities of creating new products with e-commerce.
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The advanced methods of e-commerce has made marketing of products and services more efficient and productive for both consumers and sellers.