Two sets of beautiful rings

Wedding rings have been given from a man to his bride-to-be right back to Roman times, but the concept of a man wearing a wedding ring has been a much more modern idea. The symbolism behind a wedding ring depends largely on whether you have a religious view on marriage or not, however what is the same with all views of marriage is that the ring is a symbol of your love for your partner and your desire to indicate to everyone that you are a married couple.

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It is thought that men started wearing wedding rings during the First and Second World Wars as a way of remembering their loved ones left at home. It is during this time that sentimental value was added to the idea of a man also wearing a wedding ring. Soon after matching wedding bands were created and their popularity began to increase. Diamond Scatter Wedding Rings are a design of ring that are popular with couples nowadays and they can be created in a variety of different metals to suit everyone’s taste. Why not have a set of Diamond Scatter Wedding Rings created in platinum for him and gold for her?

Wedding rings are always worn on the ring finger but sometimes on different hands depending on the beliefs of the culture of the couple. For many the ring is worn on the right hand as it is this hand that is used when swearing oaths and vows and for others (like in the UK) the ring is worn on the left hand as it is thought that the ‘vena amoris’ or love vein runs through the left hand and also as it is thought that the ring may be damaged if worn on the more dominant right hand. The reason why the wedding ring is placed on the ring finger (one next to your little finger) is because it is one of the least used fingers and so again will minimise the any damage that may occur to the ring.

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Men’s wedding rings by nature tend to be larger and thicker than women’s although they are made in all the same precious metals with some of the most popular choices for men being silver, platinum, titanium. With the latter two options being chosen for their durability and strength.  The rings tend to be less ornate than those for the bride but with more and more men opting to wear a wedding ring the choices are increasing over time.